Welcome Crescent Computers Group
Crescent Computers has maintained absolute focus on serving the requirements of the Private Sector, Public Sector , Semi Government, Government Sector , Educational Institutions, Engineering Colleges and Universities, Corporate sector in India.and to some extend few other countries. We have nurtured strong relationships with this community over a decade that has helped us create an unparalleled knowledge base. Our deep domain expertise now enables us to structure new businesses, and has led to the launch of Embedded designing services, an ever-improving range of products and investment in cutting edge technology research. This relationship pipeline is invaluable intellectual property, delivering strong financial performance now and expected to translate into increasing stakeholder value over the long-term.
Our Service
Real-Time embedded development tools.
Scalable computer platform for embedded applications.
Voice over IP solutions.
High-performance solutions for real-time embedded applications.
Telecommunication solutions.
Computer systems for real-time applications.
Software development solutions for real-time applications.